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Nutrition Game – Nutrition Activities for Middle School and High School



Are you looking for a fun way to teach nutrition vocabulary and essentials to your students? This is a fun nutrition activity that has students playing an easy-to-set-up board game to learn or review important information about nutrition. The 36 questions cover topics such as MyPlate, the 6 nutrients, dietary guidelines, and healthy food choices.

Students work in groups of 4 and compete with one another to complete the board with the most points! They read each other the nutrition questions and choose cards that have them move back and forth. Students have fun learning and reviewing the important nutrition facts!

What’s Included in this Nutrition Game?

  • Game Board
  • 36 Questions about nutrition
  • Scoreboards for students to keep track of their scores

Questions such as:

  • What are the 5 MyPlate food groups?
  • What percentage of your plate should be fruits and vegetables?
  • Which nutrient carries nutrients to cells and waste from the body?
  • What 2 food groups have the highest amount of water?
  • Potatoes are an example of what food group?
  • Which vitamin or mineral allows the body to hold oxygen?
  • You can get protein from plant sources. True or False


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